Eight-year-old Martha Culley has been handing out backpacks full of gifts to the homeless in Northampton.

It’s the second year in a row that she’s been doing it and has now started a charity drive called ‘Martha’s mission’. The aim is to get as many care packages out to the homeless as possible.

"I feel really sad for them because they don't have any home or anything so we give them a backpack."

Martha Culley

Martha packs the bags with essentials like deodorant, toothbrushes, hats, gloves and protein bars. She says she also gives them each a Christmas card to get them in the Christmas spirit.

A few weeks ago some volunteers undertook a rough sleeping count in the town centre and recorded the following results:


People found sleeping rough


People found in makeshift tents/shelters

Charities like ‘Earth’s Lonely Angels’ also help out Northampton’s rough sleepers, providing food and a place to socialise. They have welcomed Martha’s efforts to help.

"I think Martha is amazing, we're good friends now. That's how we want all our children to be, to set the example of kindness."

Aine Cullen, Earth's Lonely Angels
  • ITV News Anglia’s Rebecca Haworth went and filmed Martha to see her good deed in action: