A couple from Sudbury who recently got married have raised thousands of pounds for a cancer treatment bus after asking for donations instead of presents.

The bride, 39-year-old Lynsey Davies, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer earlier this year and uses the bus for some of her treatment.

Lynsey on board the cancer bus Credit: Lynsey & Ben

Lynsey and her new husband Ben say the service has been invaluable to them and so many other patients, and they wanted to do all they could to help keep it running.

Lynsey and Ben got married last month and have just returned from their honeymoon.

Lynsey & Ben at their wedding Credit: Lynsey & Ben

But unlike many couples who'd now be opening wedding gifts, the new Mr and Mrs Davies are preparing to make a generous donation to the charity that's helped provide Lynsey's cancer treatment.

We don't need gifts, we've lived together years and years, we don't need five toasters or twenty bottles of champagne, so I said lets raise some donations for the party bus as I call it

Lynsey Davies
Lynsey outside the cancer bus Credit: Lynsey & Ben

The mobile cancer care unit is run by the charity Hope for Tomorrow, which brings vital cancer care to patients, meaning they don't have to make long journeys to hospitals and reduces strain on both the patients and reduces hospital waiting times.

It costs £198 just to run it. Lynsey and Ben and their guests have raised enough to run it for 10 days so far.