It's the poll result you've all been waiting for.

As voters headed out in the drizzle today, a busker in Norwich decided to conduct his own unofficial measure of their political intentions.

Five cups sat in front of Peter Turrell as he played the guitar on London Street - one each for Labour, the Conservatives, Lib Dems, Greens and Brexit Party.

Passersby were encouraged to donate cash according to their party of choice - with the musician's guitar case welcoming donations from those "sick of politics" or unable to choose a party.

And now, as polling stations across the country close, Peter has been in touch to reveal the results.

Peter Turrell busking in Norwich city centre on Thursday Credit: ITV News Anglia
  • Lib Dem - £3.55

  • Labour - £3.30

  • Conservative - £2.20

  • Brexit - £2.33

  • Green - £1.24

  • None of the above / I'm sick of politics - £23.95

As the results come in, you'll be able to see how accurate Peter's poll was. Keep up to date with all the results at

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