Timeline: How election night will play out in the Anglia region

There are 69 results to be declared in the Anglia region, with most being made in the early hours of Friday.

The first is expected to be Basildon and Billericay, sometime after 1am.

Here's a guide on how election night will play out.

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10pmThe exit poll will be released, predicting the overall makeup of Parliament after all the results have been declared. This has been reasonably accurate for the past two elections.

1amThe first result to be declared is expected to be Basildon and Billericay. It's a Conservative safe seat with a majority of 13,000.

2amHarlow and Thurrock are among the seats that will be announced at this point. Thurrock is a major target seat for Labour, who need a 0.3% swing.

3-3.30amResults will start coming in en masse around this time, including Norwich North, both seats in Luton and Peterborough. All three are expected to be close calls.

4-4.30amAnother raft of results are expected at this time, according to predictions by the Press Association. They include Conservative target Ipswich, North Norfolk - where voters will be choosing a replacement for the retiring Sir Norman Lamb - and North East Bedfordshire.

5.30amIts expected we will know all the results by this time, although close constituencies may need recounts which will take longer.