Where the election could be won or lost in the Anglia region

The overall complexion of the Anglia region may currently be Conservative blue but there are many marginal seats which could determine the outcome of this election.

The Tories won 60 of the 69 constituencies in the Anglia region at the 2017 election but there also lost three seats to Labour in Bedford, Peterborough and Ipswich.

What does the exit poll mean for East Anglia?

This exit poll which shows a big swing from Labour to Conservative if it is correct would suggest Labour would lose seats in our region in Bedford, Ipswich and Peterborough .

ITV Anglia Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson

Many more seats became knife-edge contests where the winning party managed victory by only the slimmest of margins and just a few hundred votes switching hands this time could change the MP.

With the result of the Joint UK Broadcasters' Exit poll suggesting a Conservative overall majority it seem likely that Bedford, Peterborough and Ipswich will revert back to the Conservatives.

Counting getting underway in the cavernous surroundings of Peterborough Arena for the city and NW Cambs constituency Credit: ITV News Anglia / Matthew Hudson

What does the exit poll mean for Brexit?

Well in our region nearly 60 percent of voters backed Brexit in the 2016 referendum, this exit poll if it is correct would mean we will certainly be leaving the European Union by the end of January 2020 . And then move on to the next stage of negotiations about our future relationship.

ITV Anglia Political Correspondent

Conservative Health Secretary and West Suffolk candidate tweeted that it was time to "move Britain forward":


  • Peterborough (LAB) 607 majority - 0.6% swing required to win

  • Bedford (LAB) 789 majority - 0.8% swing required to win

  • Ipswich (LAB) 836 majority - 0.8% swing required to win

  • North Norfolk (LIB DEM) 3,512 majority - 3.4% swing required to win

  • Luton South (LAB) 13,925 majority - 15.1% swing required to win

Currently Luton South is held by Gavin Shuker who was elected for Labour in 2017 but is now an Independent after leaving the party in February 2019.

ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson reports from the marginal Labour seat of Peterborough

Four seats to watch out for in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex as the results come in.


  • Thurrock (CON) 345 majority - 0.3% swing required to win

  • Norwich North (CON) 507 majority - 0.6% swing required to win

  • Northampton North (CON) 807 majority - 1.0% swing required to win

  • Milton Keynes South (CON) 1,725 majority- 1.3% swing required to win

  • Northampton South (CON) 1,159 majority- 1.4% swing required to win

  • Milton Keynes North (CON) 1,975 majority- 1.5% swing required to win

  • Corby (CON) 2,690 majority- 2.2% swing required to win

  • Stevenage (CON) 3,386 majority- 3.4% swing required to win

ITV News Anglia Raveena Ghattaura reports from the Labour marginal seat of Bedford

There are six key marginal constituencies in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough and Bedford.


  • St Albans (CON) 6,109 majority - 5.4% swing required to win

  • Cambridge (LAB) 12,661 majority - 11.3% swing required to win

  • Colchester (CON) 5,677 majority over Labour - the Lib Dems were third in 2107 and require a 14.5% swing to win

  • South Cambridgeshire (CON) 15,952 - 16.6% swing required to win

South Cambridgeshire was won by Heidi Allen for the Conservatives in 2017 but she defected to the Liberal Democrats in 2019 after briefly being an Independent. She has stepped down at this election.