Who will be your next MP? Get all the election results as they happen in the Anglia region

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Counting is underway for 69 seats in the East of England, some of which will be crucial in deciding who the next Prime Minister will be.

The Conservatives are picking up lots of votes across the country, including in the Anglia region.

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Labour's Clive Lewis reacts to the exit poll:

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Going into the election, the Conservatives held 58 of those seats, and are targeting places like Peterborough and Ipswich which would need a swing of less than 1%.

Labour are seeking to retain their five MPs in the region, as well as pick up Thurrock and Norwich North.

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The Liberal Democrats had two seats in the region when the election was dissolved - one of those thanks to Heidi Allen joining the party in her South Cambridgeshire constituency.

Four seats are held by independents, though three of those were MPs who had stood down from their party.