New ITV drama to tell infamous Essex murder that shocked a nation

A new ITV drama is to tell the story of one of the most notorious crimes in living memory- a massacre at a remote farmhouse in Tolleshunt D'Arcy in Essex when five people were shot dead.

Freddie Fox plays the role of Jeremy Bamber- who was convicted of the mass murder of the family who adopted him in the new ITV drama called the White House Farm.

Jeremy Bamber still protests his innocence.

June and Nevill Bamber, their adopted daughter Shelia, and their grandchildren Daniel and Nicholas were all killed in 1985.

Credit: ITV

Bamber was sentenced to life behind bars in 1986 but has always protested his innocence and in letters he's previously sent to ITV News Anglia from his prison cell has said that he's confident that one day he'll be freed.

He's made multiple appeals against his conviction but all have been turned down.

Stephen Graham stars as one of the detectives in the case. Credit: ITV

The White House Farm will have six episodes and is due to be aired in the New Year

Actor Mark Addy is Stan Jones, the detective convinced of Bamber’s guil. Credit: ITV