Warnings to stay away from seals after two pups die because people got too close

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There's a renewed appeal for those visiting North Norfolk beaches to stay away from seals after two healthy pups died because people got too close.

The friends of Horsey Seals posted on Facebook that one pup died when it was surrounded by tourists and its mother couldn't get to it. The other was drowned when children chased it into the sea.

Credit: Facebook

So far a record 2093 seal pups have been born at Horsey and Winterton and there is still another six weeks left of the season.

Wardens say if anyone is coming to see the seals they should keep a minimum of 20 metres away since any slight disturbance will cause the mother to abandon her pup and it will eventually die of starvation.

A record number of seals have been born on Norfolk's beaches this year. Credit: ITV Anglia