Meet the man who says exercise helped him beat cancer

Ben Durham is a personal trainer.

He's used to keeping fit and also training others to do so.

When he noticed a lump in his neck, cancer was one of the last things to cross his mind.

Ben, who lives in Stowmarket, was just 30 years old when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The employer I was working for at the time released a wellbeing questionnaire that gave you a percentage risk of getting a severe illness, mine came out as 0.5% based on my age, my lifestyle choices I was making at the time. But then the personal trainer who's spent ages being healthy to avoid ill health now has ill health, it was incredible, a huge shock but looking back it made me realise if I hadn't put those things in place, the journey could have been even more challenging that it was.

Ben Durham, cancer survivor

Ben underwent 7 gruelling months of treatment.

But he believes his established fitness and healthy lifestyle helped him better withstand its side effects.

He continued to stay active throughout his treatment by walking and cycling.

Studies have shown that exercise during and after cancer treatment can improve fatigue and mental wellbeing, and speed up recovery time.

In January Ben will run his first race since being diagnosed with cancer.He's chosen to do a "5k your way" race in Bury St Edmunds - it's part of a series of races held across the country for anyone affected by cancer.

People taking part can walk, jog or run, with the emphasis being on exercise benefitting recovery.

Health and fitness is a part of my life, I don't think there's any greater release, I enjoy running but football, cricket, it's the ability to say I want to do this for me, I've beaten cancer and I'd love to run 5k faster than what I've done previously to having the cancer, I'd love to get to that finish line and have a medal.

Ben Durham, cancer survivor

Ben now supports others going through cancer treatment, using his story to promote the benefits of exercise.