Record-breaking year for seal pups born at Blakeney Point

It’s been another record-breaking year for grey seal pups in North Norfolk.

Back in 2001, the number of pups born at Blakeney Point was just 25, yet today it’s in the thousands.

The last count of 3,068 has been surpassed and now its home to 3,359 pups - up 347 more than last year!

Leighton Newman, a Ranger from the National Trust said: “There are low levels of disturbance, you have to walk three miles to get here. We do a good job of fencing the area off and man it with volunteers to ensure people are aware of the dangers of disturbing the seals as well.”

There’re also no natural predators. It seems the pups have a high survival rate which is fantastic really."

Many bull seals can be found at Blakeney Point, which experts say isn’t down to paternal affection.

Leighton said: “The females come to mature about 4 to 5 years old and will start breeding. They have their pups in the wintertime and the pups are dependent on their mothers for about three weeks and then the female breeds with the male again.”

This year's pups have already surpassed last year's total. Credit: ITV Anglia News

They delay the implantation of the embryo until the female is fit enough and she will be pregnant for nine months and give birth roughly the same time next year."

This year alone, the trust has reported on numerous species of birds, insects and animal life that are under threat. They say it's refreshing to see a species that is thriving and living in Norfolk.