North Norfolk coastal cliff has collapsed into the sea, leaving caravans at risk of falling

A number of caravans have been left in a perilous position on the edge of a cliff in North Norfolk after a section of land collapsed into the sea this morning.

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Police and the district council are urging people to keep away from the beach and cliff top in Trimingham after the dramatic events earlier today (Monday, January 6).

Three caravans on the Trimingham House Caravan Park are now teetering on the edge of the cliff side following the collapse.

Landslide at Trimingham Credit: ITV Anglia

It's the second time a large clump of land has fallen into the sea at Trimingham in just over two weeks.

On December 21st, a section of the cliffside fell in the exact same location and throughout the Christmas period the council has warned walkers to stay away from the area and not attempt to climb or walk up the incline from the beach.

Landslide at Trimingham Credit: ITV Anglia

Further falls are thought to be likely and efforts are being made to heave the caravans away from the edge.

Landslide at Trimingham Credit: ITV Anglia