Rich tapestry unfolds as seamstress painstakingly recreates classic Norman tale

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A woman from Cambridgeshire is making a copy of one of the world's most famous pieces of historical embroidery.

Mia Hansson from Wisbech has set out to create a replica of the 69 metre long Bayeux tapestry.

The famous original tells the story of the Norman conquest leading up to the defeat of King Harold by William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Mia thinks her copy will take more than a decade to complete. She uses wool which is as close as possible to the original colours.

Mia has now completed 22 metres of her replica - it has taken her over 3 years so she seven years to go.

It works out at a speed of six metres a year.

She's building up to a talk she is going to do on 19th January in the village hall at Great Hockham near Thetford

Mia's version is an exact copy of the original Credit: ITV Anglia