Cambridge cycling campaigners in row over anti-terror barriers

Campaigners have criticised anti-terror barriers installed on one of Cambridge's most popular streets, because they don't leave enough space for cyclists.

Large bollards have been placed on King's Parade, with a barrier that can be placed across them to stop vehicles.

A gap of 1.2 metres is left on either side of the bollards, but cyclists say that is too small.

WATCH: ITV Anglia's Stuart Leithes reports from Cambridge

Closing the barrier will prevent vehicles accessing King's Parade Credit: ITV Anglia

The barrier is being trialled for 18 months, after which a more permanent solution could be fitted.

They were installed after advice from police about protecting residents from potential terror attacks.

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council, said: “As most people would agree, Cambridge is a special place, but sadly, in a time when the UK terror threat level is substantial, the benefits of its global profile are not without risks.

“The tragic loss of innocent lives in the London Bridge attacks serves as a further reminder of the need to take appropriate measures to protect people.

“We have recognised this and that is why we sought police advice about King’s Parade, which is our busiest single visitor destination.

“Now that we have received that advice we must act on it in a proportionate way to do all we can to minimise the risks to public safety and help people to move around the city centre as easily as possible.

“We understand that some of the businesses on King’s Parade will feel inconvenienced, but this is a temporary solution and we will continue to discuss the scheme and any potential permanent measures with them."