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Thousands sign to save 400-year-old oak tree

The 400-year-old oak tree is under threat from road improvement works Credit: ITV News Anglia

More than three-thousand people have signed a petition to save a 400-year-old oak tree from being cut down in Northamptonshire.

It's under threat from improvement works around the A45/A6 roundabout in Higham Ferrers.

A £24 million upgrade of the busy A45/A6 Chowns Mill junction is being carried out to provide more reliable and safer travel.

Highways England says its investigating options that would help retain the tree.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are one of the largest tree planting organisations in the UK. We only cut back or fell trees where it is essential to keep people safe and where it is necessary to allow us to improve journeys.

Safety is always the priority for Highways England and there is a danger that this oak tree will be at risk of falling once the much-needed work at the Chowns Mill junction is carried out.

We are still investigating whether there are any options that would enable us to retain the tree and keep pedestrians and road users safe. We will share our findings once all possibilities have been explored.

– Highways England Project Manager Dean Holloway