1. ITV Report

Anglia Weather: Fine and frosty with some fog

Today: Rather cold, with areas of low cloud and freezing fog in places that may prove slow to clear in the light wind. Some sunny spells should develop as the day progresses, with these more likely in the south. Maximum temperature 7 deg C (45 deg F).

Tonight: Clear spells allowing fog patches to re-form, with extensive low cloud developing later, perhaps with the odd spot of rain. A slight frost is possible in places for a time. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).

Wednesday: A cloudier day, with mist and low cloud perhaps producing the odd spot of rain at times. Remaining rather cold, although temperatures should gradually pick up as the day progresses. Maximum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Temperatures continuing to improve to end the working week, however remaining rather murky with some mist at times. Becoming clearer but windier with some rain on Saturday.