Farm to fork: Children in Peterborough learn where their breakfast comes from

Children in Peterborough have been learning how their breakfast gets from farm to fork.

Experts from the East of England Agricultural Society have been visiting schools to teach pupils about where their food comes from.

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A field to fork event focusing on breakfast has been held at Folksworth C of E Primary School near Peterborough.

Headteacher Michelle Norbury said: “They need to know where their food comes from, so they can make informed decisions in the future and support our local economy.

“They need that understanding of what’s going on and all the processes involved so we value the food that we have.”

Children learn where their food comes from at a farm to fork event. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Breakfast week events were being presented by Kids Country - an education Initiative run by the East of England Agricultural Society.

Sandra Lauridsen, from Kids Country, said: “We find that it’s really important that the children understand the food actually comes from the farm, or a farmer.

“So it could be a pig farmer or it could be an arable farmer, but it’s really important they understand that it doesn’t just come from a local supermarket or farm shop.”

Outside in the playground local farmer Tom Martin had brought a tractor to help explain his role in the food production process.

He said: “Food production really will change massively in the next 10 years, so it’s great to engage with the children, to show them there’s opportunities for software engineers, IT experts, data analysts, scientists of all kinds, and to really inspire them and show them they have a place in food production in the future.”

A local farmer speaks to children about opportunities in the agriculture industry. Credit: ITV News Anglia