Mental Health Trust manager gloats "we got away with it" after death of woman is overshadowed by national news

An email leaked from a manager at Norfolk and Suffolk's troubled mental health trust has gloated about how "it got away" without its care failures being highlighted- because news emerged that the former Monty Python star Terry Jones had died.

It comes after the trust was criticised in an investigation into the death of dementia sufferer Doreen Livermore who was attacked in a care home in King's Lynn by another dementia patient.

Doreen Livermore died on her 89th birthday in 2018. Credit: Family picture

Her family had repeatedly complained to the home before the assault, that the man was attacking their mother.

The man had been getting support from the NSFT's dementia team. A report this month criticised the NSFT and that concerns about the care home's ability to safely manage the man were not escalated by the trust team.

Today the trust's communications manager Mark Prentice emailed colleagues bragging about how they remained "virtually unscathed" in the media yesterday because coverage had focused on the death of Monty Python star Terry Jones.

The email that was sent to a journalist at the EDP.

We felt there was such a massive public interest in exposing and publishing what was said because in it he appears to be bragging and gloating about the fact that the Norfolk and Suffiolk Foundation Trust have got away with, to use his terms expsoure of two dementia patients and their failings around that.

Tom Bristow, Investigations Editor, EDP
Roy Livermore, Doreen's son Credit: ITV News Anglia

We were absolutely shocked to discover such an email could have been sent by the trust when it's prime purpose is mental health and it seems that their main interest is protecting themselves from scrutiny.. we find the language deeply shocking.

Roy Livermore, Doreen's son
Doreen Livermore Credit: Family picture
The trust boss Jonathan Warren has issued an apology to the family. Credit: ITV News Anglia

We are undertaking an investigation regarding the inappropriate comments made about the sad death of Doreen Livermore by a member of our staff.

Jonathan Warren, Chief Executive