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Stop stalling: Son of a blood contamination victim tells the govt to compensate families

A campaigner from Cambridgeshire has warned many victims of the contaminated blood scandal will not live long enough to see justice done.

A two-year public inquiry was launched last year over the deaths of at least 2,400 people who were given infected blood products in the 1970s and 80s.

Tony's father - Barry - along with his uncle's David & Victor died after receiving contaminated blood. Credit: Family picture

One of those was Tony Farrugia's father who died after contracting HIV. Along with others, Tony's calling for the Government to compensate people now, rather than after the inquiry is complete, which he argues may be too late.

Since this inquiry has been announced, I think around 170 victims have died, they won't see justice, they've gone to their graves with no sense of justice, and it's still happening. It's estimated that one victim is dying every four days, and if this continues then there will be at least another 100, 150 deaths before we even get to the report.

– Tony Farrigua
Families of victims of contaminated blood protesting outside Parliament back in 2016..

Tony, along with other campaigners, are due to meet with a Government Minister at the end of January although he's not hopeful it will lead to anything.

He is urging the government to admit liability and to compensate the victims and their families now - so they can get closure and move on with their lives

We established the infected blood inquiry so that all those that have suffered so terribly can get the answers they deserve. Lessons must be learnt so that a tragedy of this scale can never happen again.

It is vital that the Infected Blood Inquiry completes its work as quickly as a thorough examination of the facts allows, and the Government remains committed to providing it with the support it needs.

– Government spokesperson