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Stansted bid to increase passenger numbers rejected

Councillors consider the airport’s application Credit: ITV News Anglia

Councillors voted against debating the proposals to increase capacity by eight million to 43 million passengers a year.

Uttlesford District Council voted by ten votes to 2 abstentions to overturn a previous decision to allow the airport to go ahead with the plans.

The plans were first approved 14 months ago but were never rubber stamped.

And the council said it was growing concerns over climate change which meant they had taken the decision.

It was two years ago that Stansted Airport first made an application Credit: ITV News Anglia

Speaking to our reporter Claire McGalsson, Councillor Colin Day said the council had a duty of care toward residents.

"What is the price of getting things right when you're talking about the health of people? We have a duty of care as a local authority for the residents that elected us to ensure their health is paramount. Going back we did request that Westminster to take control of this Westminster have decided not to."

– Cllr Colin Day

Stansted are considering whether to appeal, but this evening issued a statement:

"From the outset, we have listened to local communities to put forward an application that delivers the benefits of growth and a comprehensive package of mitigation measures to benefit local communities.

We are naturally disappointed that the Planning Committee has chosen to consciously ignore the recommendations of not only its own officers but also the additional advice it commissioned at significant cost to the taxpayer from independent technical experts and lawyers. The conclusions of this advice were clear that there should be no impediment to granting approval.

We will now carefully consider the comments made by the Planning Committee before deciding our next steps.”

– Spokesman for London Stansted Airport

It was two years ago that Stansted Airport first made an application, but it was never confirmed.

The boss of Stansted Airport has written to local residents, saying that growth would be “in the best interests of the community”. The CEO Ken O'Toole has also written an open letter to local residents, setting out the airport’s future plans, arguing that they will benefit the region.

However, growing concern about climate change means campaigners now believe they can stop the expansion in its tracks.

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