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Norfolk couple robbed at gunpoint after buying a car on eBay

A couple from Norfolk have been beaten and threatened at gunpoint after going to collect a car they had bought on eBay.

Jamie Hallam and his partner Georgina drove to Manchester to collect the Mercedes which they had won in an auction for £9,000

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Greater Manchester Police are investigating and say it's one of ten similar attacks in a week which they are linking.

Jamie explained what happened to them in a post on social media

Jamie posted a picture of his injuries online Credit: Jamie Hallam

I had done all the necessary checks I possible could to make sure that what we had purchased was legit. I even paid a deposit via PayPal. I Spoke to the seller several times and was in contact with them on WhatsApp. We arrived at the address which was on the v5 reg doc to pick up the car, before I had the chance to go ring the doorbell of the address the seller rang us to ask if we had got there and I said yes, and at that point a small white van came screeching round the corner and parked in front of us. 2 masked men jumped out running towards our car where I confronted 1 and began fighting with him he was shouting at me to give him the money which we had brought for the car. Whilst this was going on the other guy was shouting at my fiancée to give him the money. He was at that point, holding a gun. My fiancée panicked as they arrived and locked the doors so he ran round to where I was and pointed the gun in my face. I stopped struggling with the other guy when I realised I had a gun pointing at me but at that point they just laid into me kicking me in the head until my fiancée opened the car door and the guy with the gun got in and pointed it at her head to give them the money, which she did. They both then fled in their van leaving us obviously shaken and very shocked.

– Jamie Hallam posting on Facebook
The couple went to buy a Mercedes GLA like this one Credit: PA Wire

Jamie says he spent 6 hours in hospital and had a fractured nose, fractured eye socket and a broken cheek bone which may need surgery.

He's appealing for other people to think twice before paying cash for anything and not to make the mistakes they made.

Greater Manchester Police say they are linking a total of ten similar attacks where the attackers have used guns, a hammer and machetes. In each case they have made off with large amounts of cash.

These offenders are targeting innocent members of the public via the internet and have no compassion at all for their victims who they have subjected to a number of terrifying ordeals. They are devious and ruthless and need to be caught. For this reason, we have a dedicated team of detectives working around the clock to identify those responsible. Though, I would like to take this opportunity to remind people to say alert and vigilant and report anything suspicious to police immediately."

– Detective Sergeant Kat McKeown, Greater Manchester Police
Jamie Hallam and his partner Georgina Credit: GoFundMe

Georgina's family has set up a GoFundMe page to try and recoup the stolen money.

eBay says it has suspended a number of accounts and is helping police with their investigation.