Purrrfume: Big cats go wild for fragrances at Norfolk Zoo

Keepers at Banham Zoo in Norfolk have put out an appeal for old or unwanted perfumes.

They say it is a well-established fact that scent can play an important part in zookeepers' enrichment programmes.

It provides animals with opportunities to express natural behaviours and many species, especially big cats, respond positively to unique scents when sprayed in their enclosures.

Watch the Banham Zoo's footage of their cats enjoying perfume here:

The keepers at Banham have noticed their stocks of old perfumes are running low and hope visitors to the zoo will drop off any old or unwanted scents when they visit.

"Our big cats definitely react positively when scents are used as part of their enrichment programme," Mike Woolham, Banham Zoo Animal Manager said.

"For some reason, Calvin Klein perfume is a huge hit with all big cats but in all honesty any perfumes work well and we do like to offer them a variety of different smells".

Visitors to the zoo can drop off any unwanted perfumes or aftershaves with the staff in the admissions department.