A new bit of high-spec kit is making a difference at the James Paget Hospital in Norfolk - but it's motoring, not medical.

The children's ward has invested in a remote-controlled toy Mercedes, which youngsters get to drive when they're heading for surgery.

It aims to replace fear with fun, helping families through what can be an upsetting journey to the operating theatres.

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Nursery nurse Jade Rawlinson enlisted the help of her family to fundraise for the car, which she says has already made a big difference.

She said it was all part of the effort to make the ward a "bit more like home".

"They think they're going to have blood tests, operations and all these things that can be quite scary - but the car completely takes their mind of it. They focus on something else: playing. Lots of children come and they're playing so much they don't want to go home. They're crying to go out the door."

Jade Rawlinson, Nursery Nurse

It comes as the hospital launches a new 'Raise a Rainbow' fundraising appeal.

The James Paget University Hospital Charity raises money for lots of vital extras which fall outside the remit of NHS funding.

The appeal hopes to fund a new children’s play area in A&E and a bereavement suite for families facing their darkest hours.

"We want to take away some of the fear patients have when they come through the doors. In an environment that's often clinical, it's always nice to put something in that makes it feel less scary."

Nichola Hunter, Head of Facilities

The James Paget serves around 230,000 residents across Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Waveney.

Next week, it's launching a new website offering fundraising ideas for those supporting its services.