Europe's largest water filtration system up and running in Norwich

  • Video report from ITV Anglia's Tanya Mercer

A £36m water filtration system has been opened at Anglian Water's treatment works in Norwich.

The machine can treat up to 57 million litres of water from the River Wensum every day, using 7.5 million fibres to remove sediment.

It has been under construction since 2017, and was developed in order to meet an expected rise in demand for water in Norwich.

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith opened the facility along with children from a local primary school Credit: ITV Anglia

Anglian Water said that, while more water will be taken from the river, the environment should still be protected.

Paul Naylor, Regional Supply Manager, said: "Norwich is a rapidly growing, thriving city and a regional economic powerhouse.

"Water helps power that economy, so it's essential there's enough to go around but we also care for the environment and ensure we're protecting it."

The filtration system has been under construction since 2017 Credit: ITV Anglia

The new works were opened by Norwich North MP Chloe Smith, along with children from Wensum Junior school.

They will allow water to be taken from further upstream, which was previously impossible because of the level of sediment.

Mr Naylor added: "Norfolk is expected to be home to more than one million people by 2034 and many of those people will be coming to live and work in Norwich.

"This combined with being in one of the driest counties in the UK means that significant investment is needed to ensure we keep taps running and continue to power the economy.

"As importantly, this scheme will make sure the environment does not suffer because of future growth and is ready to cope with any increased demand on local water resources too."