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‘There's a certain person out there that is keeping evidence from the police... I will name him.'

The father of missing Milton Keynes teenager Leah Croucher says he knows "a certain person" is keeping information about his daughter from the police - and will name him if he does not come forward.

Speaking a year on from her disappearance, Leah's family said they completely broken and were struggling to cope with still not knowing what happened to her.

The teenager was last seen at home in Emerson Valley by her family at 10pm on Valentine's Day 2019 and the last known sighting of her was the following day, February 15, at Buzzacott Lane in Furzton. She was 19 at the time.

Police have issued a fresh appeal for information on the one-year anniversary.

But Leah's father John Croucher believes he knows someone who has vital information about his daughter - and has issued them an ultimatum.

"I know for a fact there's a certain person out there that is keeping evidence from the police and it's time for him to give it up now. A year of withholding information - it's not on no more.

"I will name him. If the police don't like it, tough. I will name him if he doesn't come forward soon with the information they need."

– John Croucher, Leah's father

Mr Croucher along with Leah's mother Claire and her sister Jade have given interviews about what life has been like over the last 12 months.

They all agree the trauma has destroyed their family.

"There are times I feel very angry, I want to break things. There are times I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to face the world."

– Claire Croucher, Leah's mother

"I really can't put it into words other than we're completely broken.

"Life was normal there was nothing out of the ordinary and suddenly your life is just ripped apart and it gets worse and worse as the year goes on."

– John Croucher, Leah's dad

"The past year has just been hell. That is all I can say. Leah obviously went missing in February and that's when normal life just stopped. There is no normality we battled for almost a year now and in that time our worlds have fallen apart."

– Jade Croucher, Leah's sister
Police in Milton Keynes released a CCTV image of Leah on the day she was last seen Credit: Milton Keynes Police

The search for Leah has seen officers visit more than 4,000 homes in Milton Keynes. Specialist teams, drones and helicopters were also deployed.

Police say her phone and bank account have not been used since she disappeared.

Witnesses had previously come forward saying they had seen someone of Leah’s description “angry, upset and crying” by a lake on the day she disappeared. The witnesses were walking by Furzton Lake at the time, close to where Leah was last seen.

Specialist officers searched the lake in October but found nothing.

Leah’s parents say they think their daughter was taken and have questioned why she would "just disappear".

And while police have yet to find evidence of a third party being involved, they admit they are unable to rule out the idea that Leah came to harm after she "effectively vanished into thin air".

"What I can say is that 12 months into the investigation, I've got no information at all that leads me to reasonably believe that a third party has harmed Leah.

"But because of the circumstances in which Leah has gone missing, on a Friday morning, on a route that she is known to take consistently, day-time, and has effectively vanished into thin air. That is really concerning and unusual and because of that, I cannot preclude those theories, even though I've got no information to support them at this time."

– Detective Chief Inspector Andy Howard
Witnesses said they had seen someone of Leah’s description

Nine month's after Leah was last seen, her brother Haydon took his own life - unable to cope with not knowing what happened to his sister.

"We cope but I don't know how. My brother didn't cope. He ended up taking his own life because he couldn't cope with not knowing what's happened to Leah because the worry is like you would never believe."

– Jade Croucher, Leah's sister
Leah and her brother Haydon Credit: ITV News Anglia

He family said they hold whoever took Leah responsible for his death too.

"As a family, we hold them responsible for Haydon's death as well. He obviously, as everybody knows, he couldn't cope, he found it very difficult."

– Mrs Croucher

"Two lives seem to have disappeared. My son has died, my daughter is still missing, we don't know if she's alive or dead. My family is destroyed. Stop being selfish, please tell the police what you know."

– Mr Croucher