A Cold-War jet plane is being given away for free by RAF Marham in Norfolk because they cannot afford to repair it.

The aircraft spent more than 10 years at RAF Marham between 1965 and 1976 and was retired from service in June 1976. It was also used for refuelling during the Falklands War.

It is currently the base's gate guardian, but could be scrapped if no one wants it.

Historically we'd have used our own engineers to repair it, but they've changed now - they engineer by computer. It's tantamount to giving a Ford Cortina to a Formula one racing crew. They just would not know what to do wth it

Grp Capt James Beck, Station Commander, RAF Marham
RAF Marham's gate guardian is being offered to people for free Credit: ITV Anglia

The costs associated with the repairs are well beyond the financial provision allocated to gate guardian maintenance.

If the aircraft is scrapped, then its tail will be kept and mounted on a concrete plinth "as a dedication to all the personnel that have worked on and flew in the Victor".

The aircraft faces being scrapped unless someone decides to take it on. Credit: ITV Anglia

Actor and comedian Johnny Vegas has taken a liking to the jet.

He tweeted: "I'll have it and it will be loved and well kept!"