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Extinction Rebellion protesters target energy research institute

  • Report by ITV Anglia's Matthew Hudson

Extinction Rebellion protesters have blockaded an energy research building in Cambridge.

Schlumberger carries research into new oil drilling techniques, chemical processes, and geophysics.

Yesterday the environmental group targeted the city centre and Trinity College.

Today the groupo blocked the entrance of the grade II listed building with some glueing their hands to the doors.

Seven people, five women and two men,have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Three of the arrests relate to an incident outside Trinity College, with the others relating to additional acts of criminal damage in Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge.

One of the protesters glues her hand to the door Credit: ITV Anglia

The group is calling for the end to all research into finding and extracting fossil fuels.

In a statement sent to the press and ITV, the group described what they hoped to achieve:

It is time for companies like Schlumberger and their supporters at the University to wake up to the planetary destruction the fossil fuel industry is causing – and stop before it is too late.

Schlumberger operates in over 85 countries, researching new technologies at centres such as the unit in Cambridge. It develops methods to extract fossil fuels through Arctic exploration, deep-sea drilling, fracking and "re-fracking".

Schlumberger has developed over 35,000 patented technologies to profit from the extraction of fossil fuels.

– Extinction Rebellion
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