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Starving seal pup had swallowed fishing net

Video report by ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray

A seal pup, found starving after swallowing part of a fishing net, is making such good progress he's likely to be released back into the wild soon. Sleepy was only three weeks old when he was found in a distressed state on Heacham Beach in Norfolk on New Year's Eve.

Sleepy has piled on the pounds! Credit: ITV Anglia

Sleepy was in a pitiful and poorly state when he was picked up. About a quarter of the weight he should have been. But he's been piling on the weight after being rescued by the animal care team at Hunstanton's Sea Life Centre.

"Sleepy was in a very bad state when we found him. We had several calls to us here at the Sea Life Centre on New Year's Eve. At 9 kilos he was massively underweight .He should have been closer to thirty or forty kilos so he really was struggling and he needed a lot of help straight away."

– Hollie Stephenson, Hunstanton Sea Life Centre

Sleepy is now 25 kilos and can be released back into the wild when he reaches 30 kilos.