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Rapper Dave pays tribute to terror victims Jack Merritt & Saskia Jones at Brits

Dave performs his tribute to Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones. Credit: ITV/The Brits

Rapper Dave paid tribute to the two Cambridge University students killed in the London Bridge terror attack during a powerful performance at the Brits on Tuesday night.

Both Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, were attending a university prisoner rehabilitation event when they were stabbed to death by 28-year-old convicted terrorist Usman Khan on November 29.

He was later shot dead by police following the attack.

As a mark of respect, Dave performed a newly written third verse of his hit song 'Black' in which he praised his "brother in arms" Jack Merritt for his dedication to prison reform.

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  • Dave's Jack Merritt tribute

Rest in peace Jack Merritt, you’re my brother in arms,

There’s tears in our eyes and love in our hearts,

We never had the same background, culture, colour or past, but you devoted your life to giving others a chance,

And for that, I’m so taken aback because he gave us all a voice I had to say it for Jack,

As a young black man whose seen paper and crack, given proper sentences it’s just paper and cracks,

All he would want is unity, funding for communities, equal opportunities, people under scrutiny, no more immunity, way less hatred.

– Dave