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Harry Dunn's twin speaks to ITV Anglia six months after the death of his brother

Harry Dunn's twin brother, Niall Credit: ITV Anglia

Harry's twin brother and their friends spend time together, just like they always have.

But now there's always someone missing.

Niall Dunn, Harry's twin brother says he is haunted by the thought of the way his brother died.

Harry was killed in a crash outside of Croughton air base in Northamptonshire.

Driver Anne Sacoolas, who was thought to have been on the wrong side of the road, fled to the US after the accident and claimed diplomatic immunity.

Harry's family are campaigning for her to be extradited back to the UK to co-operate with police.

For Niall, losing a twin is like losing a part of himself.

"Not many people have a twin, this is a part of you, it's not just your brother, this is literally a second half of yourself. When you think of him, it's not him smiling, it's him in a ditch, broken and bruised and screaming and you can't not picture that, because that is what happened, so, you just try and focus on the good than the bad, but that's hard to do."

– Niall Dunn
Niall Dunn and his friends Credit: ITV Anglia
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Recent reports have stated that Anne Sacoolas is, in fact, an American spy and some are calling for a full public enquiry.

The stress and strain of campaigning brings mixed emotions for Harry's friends and family.

"It means we're not grieving for Harry, we're fighting and we're talking about it and yes it helps in some ways in that we're still here, we're still going, but it doesn't leave much time for you to really grieve until it's 11 o'clock and you're trying to put your head down."

– Niall Dunn

Cuan Allen, Harry's friend: "It does take the sting out of it a little bit, because you know you're fighting for a good cause. But, obviously, it's never going to bring him back, but you've just got to keep on fighting, because it's never going to stop until she's brought to justice."

Last week, a video was posted on social media that appeared to show a car on the wrong side of the road at the site of Harry's accident.

Northamptonshire Police is investigating and says it's working closely with the base on driver safety.

Connor Brain, Harry's friend: "I just don't understand how it is still happening, the fact it has been brought up so much in this area, even the Americans in that base, they must hear it non-stop now and the fact it's still going on, they must just be deluded, what's going in their head when they think, I'm just going to drive like I would normally, someone's just died from it and you're just driving normally like you was before, what are you going to achieve? You're just going to kill someone else and it's just going to make all of your jobs a lot harder, why don't you just think before you do something."