Extinction Rebellion blockade Cambridge petrol station and cover it in treacle

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators have continued their week-long series of protests in Cambridge by blockading a Shell garage and pouring a treacle-like substance over it.

This afternoon, the group also returned Trinity College where they had dug up a lawn earlier in the week.

In Newnham Road today they blocked cars from getting into the petrol station, holding up signs that read 'life or death'.

A couple of protestors climbed up on the roof of the petrol station to pour molasses over it, giving it the appearance of being covered in oil.

A number of the activists have been charged with causing criminal damage over the course of the week of protest, and a petition has been signed by eight thousand people denouncing their stunts.

The group say it will not apologise for being an inconvenience.

They say their cause is to raise awareness of climate change, and ultimately to force changes that will save the planet.

The damage caused, they say, has no permanence - unlike climate change.