One of Norwich City's rising stars is desperately searching for a new kidney donor.

19-year-old academy striker Shae Hutchinson was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Alport Syndrome when he was just eight years old, which also affects his hearing, eye sight and energy levels.

Despite getting a transplant less than 18 months ago after his father proved "the perfect match", it hasn't been a success.

Shae now needs another one as soon as possible to keep his hopes of a professional career alive.

I found out when I was 16 that it was getting really bad and that I would need a transplant.

Shae Hutchinson, Norwich City's Under-23s

Shae joined the Norwich City’s Under-23s three years ago, after coming through Leyton Orient and Arsenal's academy.

Although Shae can't train as much as his team mates, he's still making a big impact on the pitch.

He scored his first professional goal in the EFL Trophy game at Oxford United back in September.

The U23's League Coach David Wright said: "Since he opened up, the communication has got so so much better.

"We changed his programme to suit Shae. We normally have a four day lead in to games, he doesn't do the four, he does three and has a rest period in between.

"To come and perform at an elite level, every single day, going through the problems that he is going through, he is a credit to himself and his family how strong he's been."

Shae and his dad Credit: Family photo

Shae is now urging people to sign up to the donor register, especially those from the black community.

"It would mean the world to me, the quicker I get this done and get back on the pitch the more happier I will be, said Shae.

"If you love something don't let anything get in the way. I wouldn't let a transplant stop me from being a footballer.

"My mum would say to me have you got any back up plans, I would say no, I am going to be a footballer, I don't want to be anything else."

  • To find out how you join the Organ Donor Register and help Shae, visit

Shae signed his first Academy contract at 7 years old Credit: Family photo