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Tributes paid to a father of two and his grandparents who all died in A43 crash

Stuart Ratcliffe, left, and his grandparents Fred and Jean Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Tributes have been paid to a father of two, and his grandparents who all died in a crash on the A43 on Tuesday (February 18)

Stuart Ratcliffe, aged 40, from Rothwell and his grandparents, Fred, aged 98, and his wife Jean, aged 90, from Northampton, were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident between Hannington and Sywell. Stuart was described as a loving husband and father, who leaves behind his wife, Lisa and their two boys, Tristan and Finley.

The mother of Stuart and daughter of Fred and Jean, Diane Bates, said on behalf of the family:

Stuart Ratcliffe was a married father of two boys Credit: Northamptonshire Police

“We are just totally devastated at losing Stuart and my parents, and words cannot describe the loss and sorrow we are feeling.

“This will leave a massive hole in our hearts for the rest of our lives and we are all going to truly miss Stuart and my parents. It’s not until now, with all the messages we have received, that you realise just how much they were all loved by so many people.”

– Stuart's mother
Jean and Fred Pritchard Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Together the family pay tribute to their loved ones stating “in loving memory of Jean and Fred Pritchard and Stuart Ratcliffe. God bless them and rest in peace.”