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Extinction Rebellion's week long series of protests in Cambridge finish

Extinction Rebellion's week long series of protests in Cambridge finished today.

The group marked the end of the demonstrations with a march through the city centre.

Today's march in the city centre Credit: ITV Anglia

They were joined by the 'Red Rebels' - a group which dresses in bright red costumes marking the blood of species that have died as a result of climate change, as well as those that will die in the future.

The Red Rebels in Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

They were due to end their roadblock at the junction of Trumpington Road and Fen Causeway this morning, but left late last night because of bad weather.

Council staff on Trumpington Road Credit: ITV Anglia

Council staff had little to do when they arrived this morning, as the protestors had cleared up before leaving.

In person the response from members of the public has been largely positive, we've had lots of people dropping by the site thanking us for the actions we are taking. Nationally thousands of people have signed up this week to Extinction Rebellion so we know we've achieved something, online of course the response has been less positive but that's to be expected when people can send in threats anonymously."

– Nathan XR Cambridge