As the deadly coronavirus spreads across the world, it's impact is being felt by local businesses.

Ian Thompson, who runs Treadz Tyres in Lowestoft, says that lockdown in China means that supplies of budget tyres have stalled.

"A massive majority of the world's budget tyres come from China from the Shandong province. Obviously with them being on lockdown they can't export the tyres and there's been a massive problem with supply in this country."

And the price of disposing of scrap tyres has spiked.

"We have to dispose of a lot of tyres- about 200 tyres a week and because of shipping, obviously when we dispose of the old tyres we get charged normally about one pound ten per tyre but it's now gone up to four pounds fifty due to the increase in prices."

Ian Thompson, Treadz Tyres
NET LED near Cambridge says product lines will run out Credit: ITV Anglia

Stock at lighting importers NET LED near Cambridge is dwindling fast.

Sales director, Chris Dawes said: "We typically see three to four containers of lighting coming into our warehouse every week and as I say over the last month we've had nothing so inevitably at some point some of our product lines are going to run out."

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Meanwhile, there are reports that a 14-year-old boy from a school in Colchester is self-isolating at home after showing symptoms of the virus.

He'd returned to Philip Morant school following a skiing trip in northern Italy with classmates and teachers, and is now said to be awaiting results.

An independent travel agents in Norwich told ITV Anglia that they are being inundated with calls from confused travellers, wondering if they should still travel.

Premier Travel say they had a bumper January but that February was more of a mixed picture, with some holiday makers postponing trips.

"People are panicking . We have had a couple of cruises that have amended to next year because they do not want to travel because of the coronavirus but we're giving the normal advice of check the foreign office website and ABTA. We have had people book this week to Australia, Canada, Australia, Sorento, Channel Islands so people know that the risks are minimal of travelling to places where you're still able to travel."

Emma Davison, Premier Travel Branch Manager