A Wymondham woman has been convicted of stabbing her husband to death when she was drunk.

55-year old Jeyamalar Kumarathas, who lived in Burdock Close was at home with her husband and two adult children on the night of Saturday, March 16 when she used a kitchen knife to stab her husband Kumarathas Rajasingam in the back and in the side.

Norwich Crown Court heard that Jeyamalar had a history of alcoholism which had been getting worse after her friend died in 2008. The couple owned a shop in Blackthorn Close and shared the responsibilities of caring for their autistic son.

A Norfolk police officer told the court that the couple had come to the police's attention over the years for a number of domestic violence calls and anti-social behaviour.

Paramedics said they were called to the scene on the night of the murder and found Kumarathas with stab wounds and an injury to his head thought to have been caused by a fall.

He was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but he died on June 17 after his organs failed.

Detective Inspector Neil Stewart said:

"Today’s verdict sees the conclusion of a trial that has been extremely challenging for everyone involved, particularly the children of both the victim and the offender who were present at the family home as these tragic events unfolded. Despite sharing the care of their autistic son and being the family breadwinner, Kumarathas was often subject to abuse from Jeyamalar and this culminated in her use of a kitchen knife to stab him, causing him catastrophic injuries. It is a tragedy for all involved.”

Detective Inspector Neil Stewart

Jeyamalar will face sentencing at Norwich Crown Court at 2pm on Monday 2 March 2020.