Super yacht sets sail on her maiden voyage

Watch Victoria Lampard's report below:

The largest single masted wooden yacht to be built in this country since the 1920s, has left Ipswich for its maiden voyage.

The Spirit One Eleven has taken Spirit Yachts in Ipswich three years to design and build.

Her departure from their boatyard involved passing under the Orwell bridge. At 44 metres tall this could only be done at low tide with one crew member climbing to the top of the mast to make sure she was going to pass through smoothly.

Sean McMillan, eco-friendly ship builder

“By putting someone at the top of the mast, he can get an eyeball clearance on the mast so we can be reasonably confident it’s going to go through.”

– Sean McMillan,CEO and Founder, Spirit Yachts

The owner of the multi-million pound yacht remains anonymous but he wanted Spirit Yachts to build him a work of art.

The yacht is 33 metres in length and has 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.

It’s also eco-friendly with an electric engine but carries a back-up generator.

What Sean and his team have learnt from this project has helped them with other eco-friendly designs.

High Sprits: the boat prepares to set sail Credit: ITV News Anglia

“We’re now building I think is a world first ever cruising yacht with no hydrocarbons at all. No diesel, no petrol, no gas for cooking, it’s all self sufficient.”

– Sean McMillan, CEO and Founder, Spirit Yachts

The Spirit One Eleven will be stopping at Portsmouth for a month of trials, before sailing on to the Caribbean.