Activists opposed to a new housing development in a Suffolk village have climbed an oak tree in a bid to stop contractors from cutting it down.

Along with Extinction Rebellion protesters, residents from Thurston, near Bury St Edmunds, are staging their protest in and around the trees on Ixworth Road.

Housing company Persimmon Homes wants to cut down the trees in order to build a cycle path as part of their new development.

Campaigners told ITV Anglia they think cutting the trees down is unnecessary. Also, they say one oak tree is around 300 years old.

I'm really sad that all the trees have been obliterated. My friend, Kez, sent the video on Sunday. It was just heartbreaking, because there was so much habitat, there was sequested carbon...

Jen Tooke-Marchant, Extinction Rebellion campaigner

Persimmon homes said they are "obligated" to provide a cycleway alongside Ixworth Road.

Unfortunately, some trees will need to be removed to facilitate this development, which was unavoidable due to the need to achieve a safe cycleway and the required visibility splays.

Persimmon Homes
Campaigners have set up camp in the Suffolk village Credit: ITV Anglia

Following hours of the activists protesting, the council said it would continue to try and "find a solution which could allow for trees to be retained, whilst also ensuring that the safety of footpath and cycleway users is not compromised".