Fenland distillery using surplus alcohol to make hand sanitiser for vulnerable

A small family run distillery in Cambridgeshire has started producing hand sanitiser using a surplus supply of its alcohol to help those who are struggling to get hold of any.

Anthony Winterbourne from Fen Spirits near Wisbech is offering the sanitiser for free after he was contacted by a lady who had a kidney transplant asking him to make her some because she couldn't get any.

After a bit of research he found that other distilleries abroad had been making it and so started production.

  • Watch a short interview with Anthony Winterbourne from Fen Spirits

"With all this panic buying at the moment there is an awful lot of people that we don't hear about who are scared and vulnerable and they can't get what they need because people are basically being greedy. I put a post out on Friday saying that we've got some and my word the response, very emotional. We had two people turn up on Friday dealing with chemotherapy patients, it's snow-balled all over the weekend. We've posted a lot out, but we've also asked people to come and collect and bring their own pot and we'll fill it up."

Anthony Winterbourne Fen Spirits, family distillery
Staff have been posting off supplies to people who need them for free. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I'm a small business, I've put my business on hold to do this, I'm not interested in making money, there are bigger problems out there than money and greed and if the back of this someone else out there can do what I'm doing, they have a distillery, can realise how many people are out there desperate for this type of product and help them, I can't help everybody."

Anthony Winterbourne Fen Spirits, family distillery
Paula Summers from a children's nursery has been helped by Fen Spirits. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We can't get hold of it, we've tried for the last few weeks to get some and we're on e-mail alerts, but we're just waiting. I think it's amazing, working in a children's nursery we use this all the time, so an amazing gesture."

Paula Summers, Giggles Galore Children's Nursery, Holbeach