No one knows exactly how long the current outbreak is going to last but as long as it does we want to hear how it is affecting you.

During it we are going to run a section of the programme 'checking in' with you online and hearing your stories.

It doesn't matter how your life has been impacted by the virus, if you want to tell us we want to listen.

Perhaps you are elderly or a family self-isolating and want to share a few tips on how you are coping. You could have a business that is struggling or, hopefully, managing to survive.

Maybe you are a teacher giving your lessons online. Or a student worried about the future.

Or have you had to postpone a special event, a birthday party or a wedding. We also want to hear about or from the heroes in your community at the moment.

However you have been affected share your story with us. Here are the ways to get in touch; email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How you can get in touch.

We just need your name, a few lines about how Coronavirus is affecting you and that you have the ability to contact us either by Skype or FaceTime. We'll get in touch with you to arrange a time to chat.

We look forward to 'checking in' with you soon.

Our first "check in" was with Gail Emms who lives in Milton Keynes. You might remember Gail for winning a Badminton silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games. But she is also a mum to two boys, still loves her sport and has talked openly about her struggles with depression.

For our second check in we spoke to Karen- the granddaughter of Brian and Ann Lambert from Norwich, who had to put their 60th wedding anniversary celebrations on hold recently. However Karen was keen to tell Jonathan, they weren't going to be beaten by the virus. (Just to say that Ann and Brian's garden ceremony was conducted before the most recent self isolating guidance.)

Coronavirus: Everything you need to know