The Dad's Army pandemic plan to save town made famous by Ed Sheeran

Video report by ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray

A town made famous by Ed Sheeran has come up with a Dad's Army style pandemic plan to try to keep its 4000 residents safe.

Former police gold commander Gary Kitching is in charge of the operation in Framlingham in Suffolk which has already signed up over 60 volunteers to help.

The command centre at Framlingham Town Council. Credit: ITV Anglia

It's the town with the Castle on the Hill which local lad Ed Sheeran sung about and helped put on the map.

A sign here says Framlingham "a friendly place to linger" but in these uncertain times you wonder for how much longer.

But never fear - in the cell of the old courthouse plans are afoot to protect this community of 4,000 people.

"It does feel a bit like Dad's Army, Walmington on Sea but actually the work that is being done is just so important. What we're going to do is form neighbourhood cocoons,probably 10 to 20 houses, where the neighbours support each other . They have each other's telephone numbers, email addresses or they just shout over the fence just making sure everybody's alright . We've divided the town into ten administrative areas which are sub-divided into cocoons."

Gary Kitching, Coordinator
Framlingham Castle made famous in Ed Sheeran's Castle On The Hill Credit: ITV Anglia

The communication hub of the operation is at the Crown Hotel which has been badly hit since the government urged people to stay away from pubs and restaurants. They are hoping that by providing people who are self isolated with meals on wheels it will help them and, help save the business.

"It will help us as a business to just survive and get by a little bit and keep our team in hours but equally it will help the local community and the people who need it most."

Chris Harber, owner, The Crown Hotel

The message from Framlingham is "We must help each other if we're to survive this."

It's a plan that other communities are being encouraged to copy.

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