A third man has this pleaded guilty to butchering sheep on Northamptonshire farms.

Viorel Manu, 39, and from Birmingham, was due to stand trial yesterday (Monday, March 23) but changed his plea to guilty of conspiracy to steal in relation to the slaughter and illegal butchery of sheep and lambs.

Robert Iordan, aged 23, and Florin Nutu, aged 36, who both also live in Birmingham pleaded guilty to the same offences at Northampton Crown Court on Friday, February 14.

The court heard that between June 22, 2019, and October 7, 2019, Northamptonshire’s farmers had their livelihoods hit hard by the three men, who travelled across rural areas in the county, killing and butchering sheep in order to steal the meat and profit from it.

In total, 12 reports of illegal butchery were made to Northamptonshire Police during this period.

DC Jamie Cooper, said:

“These crimes caused farmers a great deal of upset and anger last year and I’d like to thank them and the wider rural community for their support and patience during our investigation.

DC Jamie Cooper, Northamptonshire Police

All three men will be sentence via videolink on March, 27.