A couple on honeymoon in New Zealand are calling for government rescue flights after being stranded in a camper van by the lockdown.

Nikki and Tim Johnson from Norwich are trapped in the country along with thousands of other holidaymaker from Britain and Europe.

Flights have been grounded and, like the UK, New Zealand is in lockdown.

The pair say their frustrated with the government for being "very slow to realise that repatriation is the only viable option home."

  • Tim Johnson spoke to ITV News Anglia from New Zealand

"The only thing you hear from the UK government is get yourself home, find a flight but there are no flights, there's no one you can speak to.

Tim Johnson, British tourist stranded in New Zealand

You can watch a report about the couple's plight by ITV's Wesley Smith here.

Nikki and Tim Johnson are staying in a camper van in Ambury Park near Auckland. Credit: Tim Johnson

Tim and Nikki are remaining positive. There are with other stranded tourists in camper vans a Ambury Park near New Zealand's biggest city, Auckland.

Tim said: "Just having you honeymoon impacted is nothing compared to other people losing their lives and getting the virus.

"I count ourselves pretty lucky to be honest."

They say the could be trapped down under for 4-6 weeks unless the government arranges rescue flights.