Road projects in Cambridgeshire halted due to coronavirus restrictions

A number of road projects across Cambridgeshire are to stop temporarily because of the coronavirus restrictions.

The County Council and Peterborough City Council say projects which can't observe the two metre distance rule will be made safe and closed.

It includes the Dutch-Style roundabout project in Cambridge and advance work on King's Dyke crossing scheme at Whittlesey. Any safety critical work on the roads will be carried out though, with the council saying they want to keep the roads open and available for key workers and emergencies.

The A15 junction 18, Rhubarb Bridge works will complete today (Friday, March 26) as planned, with just minor finishing elements like landscaping to be done later.

Cllr Steve Count, Leader at Cambridgeshire County Council, said:

Meanwhile, in Suffolk, council bosses are urging the public to follow government guidelines as they keep their workforce out on the road.

Council officials say road maintenance work is critical to ensuring the safe travel of emergency and health services and so will be continued during the period of restrictions.

In a statement, Councillor Andrew Reid, said that despite government guidance to remain indoors and at least two metres away from anyone while outside, that their workers have been approached by people while working.