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Coronavirus lockdown leaves city centres in Norwich and Cambridge strangely empty

Cambridge City Centre Credit: Mark Lloyd

The coronavirus lockdown has left parts of our region strangely empty this weekend.

City centres which would normally be bustling with crowds have been deserted as people stayed at home.

Police thanked people for doing as they were told to stop the spread of the virus.

King's Parade in Cambridge lies strangely empty Credit: Mark Lloyd
Back of the Inns, Norwich, Saturday afternoon 28 March 2020 Credit: ITV Anglia
Gentleman's Walk at 2.15pm on Saturday afternoon Credit: ITV Anglia
A more usual day along Gentleman's Walk in Norwich City centre Credit: ITV Anglia
Castle Street, Norwich looking towards London Street Credit: ITV Anglia

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The coast was deserted too, as shown in this picture from Suffolk Police Credit: Suffolk Police

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Streets in Cambridge were almost deserted Credit: Mark Lloyd

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