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Rise in Covid-19 cases slows slightly in the Anglia region

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Anglia region on Sunday was 1,263.

The number of coronavirus cases in the Anglia region has increased by 158 in the past 24 hours to 1,263.

It is a smaller increase in cases than on Friday and Saturday when they went up by more than 200 on each of those days. But the increases do vary from day-to-day.

The number of cases recorded in each local authority area across the country are collated at 9am every morning.

The rise in the Anglia region on Sunday is up 14%, which is the lowest percentage increase since last Wednesday when the total number of cases was 521

Essex has the highest number of cases in the region with 305 but it is also the county with the biggest population.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the Anglia region on Sunday 29 March 2020

  • Bedfordshire - 151 cases (up 25 since yesterday)
  • Cambridgeshire - 121 cases (up 66)
  • Essex - 305 cases (up 36)
  • Hertfordshire - 282 cases (up 20)
  • Milton Keynes - 82 cases (up 11)
  • Norfolk - 107 cases (up 17)
  • Northamptonshire - 126 cases (up 20)
  • Rutland - 2 cases (no change)
  • Suffolk - 87 cases (up 13)

The Bedfordshire figures are Bedford, Luton and Central Bedfordshire combined. Cambridgeshire includes Peterborough and Essex includes Southend and Thurrock.

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