Life in lockdown: Tom Grennan on volunteering, keeping fit and building Lego during the coronavirus outbreak

Bedford singer-songwriter Tom Grennan has told ITV Anglia he's trying to "help out anybody I can" during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Something in the Water singer is currently staying at his parents house in the town and has been volunteering with 'Bedford Kindness', who are supporting vulnerable people during the crisis.

Grennan said he moved back home from his flat in London just before the lockdown, as "I didn't want to be on my own".

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He added: "I thought I'd try and get involved in the community - I've been delivering food to the food banks. I just wanted to help out anybody I could."

In an exclusive interview with ITV Anglia, Grennan said he's been exercising in a homemade gym in their garden, and has also been revisiting a childhood toy.

He said: "I’m doing a bit of fitness - my dad’s set up a gym in his garden so we're doing an hour a day."

"I’m trying to learn piano and I’m doing a bit of Lego."

Grenna has been volunteering for Bedford food bank

The singer, who was nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the 2018 Q Awards, admitted the outbreak has totally changed his plans for the year.

He said: "I was meant to be going on tour in May, and it’s all been cancelled.

"My album was meant to be coming out at the end of May but that’s all moved now.

"Health and wellbeing is more important than anything else."

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