Life without sport: How are our athletes keeping fit during the coronavirus outbreak?

It's an incredibly tough time for everyone at the moment, including sports stars who have had their seasons severely disrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite most sports currently being suspended, athletes need to ensure they remain in top condition so they're ready to play again whenever they're called upon.

Over the coming weeks, ITV News Anglia will be talking to various athletes in the East about their training schedules and finding out how they're keeping themselves fit and motivated.

Harry Cornick (Luton Town striker)

  • Watch an interview with Harry Cornick by ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward

First up in our series is Luton Town striker Harry Cornick.

Football is currently suspended until April 30 at the earliest, but that potential re-start date looks optimistic to say the least.

Like many footballers, Cornick is having to work out at home at the moment, making use of his exercise bike and dumbbells.

"We've been given some exercises to do from our sports scientist to try and stay fit," he told ITV News Anglia.

"It's tough to know when we've got to be fit for at the minute, so we don't want to do too much and then not be able to play again for months. So, we're just trying to stay fit so we can go back at any time."

Rachel Dunn (England netballer)

Cambridgeshire netball player Rachel Dunn is one of the stars of her sport, having played in the Vitality Netball Superleague for over a decade.

During that time she's successfully balanced her sporting career, which has seen her play for England, with her day job in the NHS.

She works as a genetic technologist at the St George's Trust in London, and she told ITV News Anglia that she's never been prouder of her profession:

"I've worked for the NHS for the past 15 years. When things get hard, people dig in and as you can see with the hard work that's going on now, it's a lot of people with the same goal trying to help everyone out."

Tom Westley (Essex cricketer)

  • Watch an interview with Tom Westley by ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward

Essex were hoping to defend their County Championship title this season, but that is now in doubt due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Players at the club have been put on furlough leave, but have still been helping out in the community.

Captain Tom Westley and his teammates have been phoning elderly members, as well as cooking and delivering meals to NHS staff.

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