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Ipswich Ghostbuster spreads cheer to kids with COVID party cancellations

A father from Ipswich has been making videos for children whose parties have been cancelled because of coronavirus, all while wearing a Ghostbusters costume.

Danny Newman is a huge fan of the hit film - he started sending the videos after making the outfit for a local event. When the event was cancelled because of the outbreak, he decided to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

A friend informed me that their four-year-old son's birthday party had been cancelled due to COVID-19. They suddenly had no friends to attend.

They have autism and thought nobody cared or wanted to be their friend any more.

– Danny Newman

After hearing about this young boy's ordeal, Danny donned his Ghostbusters get up and filmed a birthday message for him.

Three days later, he had received around 150 requests for birthday videos from parents who'd also had to cancel their kid's parties.

My inbox is on fire, so to keep track and ensure everybody gets an opportunity to get a personalised video, I created 'Birthday Busters'.

– Danny Newman

Danny is a key worker, which is someone who's job is deemed essential to the national COVID-19 response.

My wonderful ‘camera lady’ is one of the 1.5 million vulnerable people in the UK. Thus I work as absolutely fast as I can to make the messages!

– Danny Newman

Danny's video messages are free. He stresses that rather than financial reward, Birthday Buster's goal is to spread cheer among children who may be finding the outbreak hard.

However, those who wish to can make a donation to the charity MIND in exchange for a birthday message. Danny chose this charity as he admires the work they do to raise awareness of mental health issues, including that of emergency service workers.

The country and its emergency services will be under huge emotional stress as a result of COVID-19. This is our way of giving back just a little bit and helping them at this tough time.

– Danny Newman

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