A mum from Northamptonshire has described the "ridiculous but amazing" experience of giving birth during the coronavirus lockdown.

Millie Eliza Best is thought to be one of the country's first "lockdown babies".

She arrived just an hour after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the tougher restrictions last Monday night (March 23).

Proud parents Matt and Chelsea Best, from Corby, said the midwives even kept them informed of the developing pandemic situation during a 25-hour labour.

"She was at full pain and contraction levels and the midwives said 'just to let you know Boris has announced full lockdown. Anyway, carry on pushing!'" >

Matt Best

"It's been amazing," said Mrs Best. "Obviously the lack of sleep is something you have to adapt to pretty quickly but I wouldn't change it for the world."

The couple praised the NHS staff and said that the family gathered at their window, with three-day old Millie, to join the national clap for carers on Thursday (March 26).

As hospitals start to bring in more restrictions over having birthing partners present, Mr Best said he felt lucky to be there - although he was only allowed to stay for an hour after the birth as a precaution.

Social distancing and isolation also means Millie has had to meet some of her elderly relatives via video call.

Millie Eliza Best. Credit: Matt Best

"We've actually been video calling her great-grandparents. They're in their late 80s so video calling was a whole new concept to them!" >

Matt Best