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Luton man jailed for spitting at two NHS workers in 'disgusting and unprovoked attack'

The NHS logo. Credit: PA

A man from Luton has been handed a nine-week prison sentence for spitting at two NHS workers in the town.

Marcin Chojna, 35, approached the NHS employees while they were standing outside a walk-in centre in Chapel Street on Monday morning.

He then spat at them, before shouting expletives at them and walking away.

Chojna was arrested later that day after police recognised him following a description given to them by the victims.

In addition to his nine-week sentence for the spitting incident, he was also jailed for a further 10 months for assaulting an emergency worker during an incident in November 2019.

“This was a disgusting and unprovoked attack on two people who were standing outside their place of work, where they play a critical role," Detective Inspector Tom Hamm said.

"This incident has understandably left them both shaken and has been a stressful and upsetting situation in a time when people are already worried and anxious.

“I am pleased that Chojna received a custodial sentence for his repulsive actions and that he will now be able to reflect on the severity of what he did."

David Carter, Chief Executive of Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, added: “It seems inconceivable that our staff would be abused in this way at this time and we would like to thank Bedfordshire Police for following up the incident in the way they have.”

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